Lawn and Garden Irrigation Services

Outdoor Sprinklers:

Repairs and Maintenance - contact us if for any problems such as mowed off sprinkler heads, broken pipes, dog chewed wires or pipes, missing valves, water spraying the house, controller not working, clogged nozzles, zones not shutting off, zones not turning on, dry and wet areas, adding or moving sprays and everything in between. 

Service to all Brands of Irrigation - no matter who put it in, what year they did it and what brand they used we can repair, replace or upgrade it.

Installation - if you don't have any irrigation yet and need us to plan it for you, we can provide free estimates.

Renovation - increase efficiency on your sprinkler system and reduce consumption as there are both minor and major upgrade options to suit anyones needs.

Spring Start Up - schedule a full 20 point inspection at the beginning of the season to ensure you irrigation system is preforming in top condition.

Winterization - proper shutdown of your system includes turning off the system and blowing the water out of the pipes, valves and heads.

Certified Backflow Testing - the Capital Regional District (CRD) requires every irrigation system to have a double check valve and certified backflow testing must be done every three years for residential homes.

Trenching - for any project that requires too much hand digging, we have various trenchers for large and small scale jobs.

Water Features - we have years of service under our belts to ponds, pumps and other features should you need a hand.


Landscape Lighting:


Upgrading - save money on your old lighting by converting to some LED solutions, which use about 1/7th of the power. Imagine the return on investment!

Installation - if you have a plan of action or you need us to give you some ideas we can help accentuate the focal points of your property. Once again, quotes are always free so schedule an appointment with no hassles.

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