Water Conservation Products

With water conservation being very important to us, we are trying to educate all consumers of ways to save water, which also helps save money. Here are some of the following water efficient products we make available to you: 


Convert your old regular nozzles to the new Precision nozzles and enjoy saving around 40% on your water bills today.  Reduces pooling in your flower beds and ensures that the applied water will soak into the ground and not run down the street.


MP Rotators are designed to offer matched precipitation, which ensures even distribution of water and can eliminate areas that are either too wet or too dry.  An easy and inexpensive upgrade from old gear driven or impact rotors.

rain_sensor Adding on a wireless rain sensor stops the system from running on the days when the rain is already coming down.  Now you won't have to get up at 4am to turn your controller off during a downpour or worrying about your lawns getting over watered while away on holidays.


At Aqua Irrigation, we use only the highest quality materials and name brand products to insure the best possible results. Here are the follow brands we use:





Rain Bird








Toro Canada



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